Video Production

Our highly skilled team is talented in producing a variety of videos ranging from documentaries, features, corporate and training videos, as well as TV commercials and PSAs. Whatever your needs are, we got you covered.

Post Production

From field production to the edit suite, your videos will then go through a meticulous editing process, which methodically match up the details of preferred final output.


If savouring life through stills is what you would like us to do for you, we are ready to seize the moment. We enjoy capturing high-end images that portray live action and convey fascinating stories.


Working with a professional production company is the best way to get a video that does what you want it to. Whether you want a video for internal presentations, workplace training, business pitches, recruitment, advertisement and more, our expert producers and animators can come up with a concept, develop a script and produce a top-quality video that gets your message across.

Crew Sourcing

Like we said, we got you covered. If all you need from us is a stringer or a fixer, or any preferred member of our crew, we have the best professionals that will deliver industry standard services.

Media Relations

Mass media stands as one of the preferred channels for reaching out to the public. Therefore, we have developed and do manage relationships with reporters and editors from various media houses that could help our clients with outreach strategies.

Translations & Transcriptions

We understand the challenge of delivering engaging video content across many locales, which is why we obtain accurate translations of material in English, Swahili, French, Portuguese, Amharic, and Somali. We also attain text of audio sources for our clients through transcription.

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